Kaba kun

  • The title meaning “Mr Hippo”
  • Written by Eriko Kishida
  • Illustrated by Chiyoko Nakatani
  • Published by Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers
  • Published in 1966
  • Original language: “かばくん”

Short commentary

In a zoo, Mr Tortoise visited the house of Mr Hippo and his child, and they enjoyed a fine Sunday morning and afternoon all together.

Both hippopotamus and tortoise could be children’s favorite animal. Especially in this picture book, many scenes are drawn from the Hippo’s viewpoint, so your child will feel close to those animals more.

Just for your information, Sunday was regarded as the busiest day in a week without any explanation. This is because, at the time when this book was written, Saturday was not a school holiday!


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